Friday, December 3, 2010

Timeline of Video Game Graphic Development

1968 Ralph Baer creates the brown box game called "Chase Game"
1971 Pong - The first video game
1972 The Magnavox Odyssey is launched
1973 Maze wars - First 3d video game
1977 - The Atari home console was released. It had cartridges which allowe many games to be played.
1978 - Space Invaders is released
1979 Galaxian - The first color video game
1979 - Asteroids is released
1985 - The Nintendo NES was released
1985 -Super mario bros Beginning of the 8 bit era
1987 Driller/Space Station Oblivion First game using wireframing with 3d Sprites
1989 - Nintendo Releases GameBoy and Tetris
1991 Sonic The Hedge Hog - Beginning of 16 bit era
1994 Ridge Racer - beginning of the 32 bit era
1995 Descent - the first fully polygonal game
1998 Unreal Birth of modern first person shooter and advanced 3d graphics
2001 The Nature Demo - Introduction of programmable graphics
2002 Animusic The first port of offline renders to real time 3d graphics
2002 Rendering with natural light The first real time rendering with dynamic lighting
2003 Ruby Doublecross - Era of cinematic approaches to real time graphics
2005 Toyshop Milestone in scenery density and realism
2007 Ruby Whiteout evolution of cinematic rendering and dynamic game computing

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